Autori at Google Street View Summit 2019!

Autori’s Ari Immonen and Janne Ruuskanen from Traficom (Finnish Transport and Communication Agency) participated in the Google Street View Summit 2019 in London.

Check out Google’s video at 1:07-1:15 to hear why Finnish Road Authorities partner with Autori for 360-photographing (! The attached “heat map” screenshot (taken from Googles video) show what Autori and Traficom have accomplished.

As a Google Street View Trusted Partner, Autori has photographed 28000 km in 2019 and 2018. The uploaded images have so far been viewed 24 million times! Autori’s aim is to cover also the rest of Finland as well as Sweden and Norway…and why not Denmark and other countries at the same time :)

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