City of Oulu invests in pilot for smart winter maintenance

Smart cities with smart citizens are growing and Oulu city joins the road of innovation with a smarter way of predicting and maintain regular roads and biking roads.

Together with Klimator, premium partner from Sweden to Autori, Oulu City has a special focus on biking lanes and roads. Based on state art software from Autori and Klimator, RSI – Road Status Information, the journey starts already this winter with a focus on cost reduction, quality improvement, sustainable environment and shared data within the municipality.

Keijo Pulkkinen, CEO of Autori: We have gathered a lot of interest from municipalities in Finland since we announced our strategic focus in smart winter maintenance and to combine our excellence together with Klimator. We want to play an important role in the transformation of winter maintenance strategies and methods to create a better world.

Emil Danielsson, director of Winter maintenance: The transformation has begun – and more municipalities in Europe share Klimator’s vision how we together can contribute to a sustainable world, use the recourses in a more smarter and efficient way and at the same time increase the quality on the road. We are very excited that we can onboard Oulu city with over 200 000 citizens in our vast network of municipalities that share the same values and objectives. Let’s innovate together!

Facts about Oulu

City of Oulu, also known as the capital of northern Scandinavia, has about 250 000 inhabitants and it is the fastest growing region in Finland. Nowadays the Oulu Region is well known for its technology, the hi-tech growth having started after the establishment of Oulu University in 1958. There are two science parks in the region: Technopolis Plc, Scandinavia’s first science park, and Medipolis Ltd., as well as a technology centre, Ii Micropolis Ltd. The region is home to many hi-tech companies, such as Nokia, and the sector currently employs over 10 000 people. Oulu is the leading hub in northern Scandinavia for business, education, and culture, recognized especially for innovations in information technology. Visitors can find cutting edge education and technical expertise to raise business’ know-how to a new level.

Facts about Autori

Autori is a Finnish provider of software and information services for road and street maintenance. The company was founded in 1988 and works alongside authorities, contractors, and consultants within road and street maintenance, in both Finland and Sweden. Examples of customers of Autori are AFRY, YIT, NCC, Skanska, Svevia, and Peab.

Facts about RSI

The Road Status Information service is a Software as a Service that collects data from a variety of sources and processes it with Klimator’s advanced climate models to provide high-resolution road conditions forecasts. These forecasts allow winter contractors to make informed decisions about when, where and how snow removal and anti-slip measures are to be implemented. In winter road maintenance, there is a great focus on preventive measures. Road Status Information provides balanced forecasts with very high degree of detail, which makes it easier for winter contractors to plan and streamline their work. This ultimately means cost savings of up to 30 percent, a reduced carbon footprint, reduced salting and safer roads to travel on.

Facts about Klimator

Klimator is a Swedish software company with over 30 years of research background from applied road climatology. The company has two patented innovations: the Road Condition Data (RCD) data platform, which can accurately forecast road weather in real time and up to 72 hours in the future, and the AHEAD sensor technology that can determine the conditions of the road ahead in real time. The purpose of Klimator is no fatalities as a result of bad road weather, achieved by contributing to safer roads and increasing the availability of self-driving functions.

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Keijo Pulkkinen, CEO Autori