Autori establishes operations in Nordic through a partnership with Klimator

Autori has entered a partnership with Klimator, a leading software company providing precise and reliable road weather information. Autori will distribute Klimator’s service, Road Status Information, to Finnish authorities and road contractors, thus enabling more efficient and environmentally friendly winter road maintenance on Finnish roads. Autori has initiated an early pilot project with a major customer regarding Road Status Information. The ambition is to form an in-depth partnership between Autori and Klimator, with joint solutions that provide added value to our existing and future customers in both Finland and Sweden.

“Its an important step for Klimator to launch new countries for our Road Condition Data Service and our SaaS solution Road Status Information, as well as grow with such an established partner as Autori. Finland is an interesting market where both municipalities and authorities show great interest in all possibilities of our software, to both save resources and contribute to a positive environmental impact.”

Emil Danielsson CXO & Head of Winter Maintenance.

“Autori’s collaboration with Klimator means that we can offer our customers in Finland an even more versatile and competitive product, which enables further efficiency, enhanced quality, and positive environmental impact in contracted areas. Our goal is to expand to other Nordic countries, and we have already taken the first steps to achieve this in Sweden. Klimator has several customers and contacts in the Nordic region, with the help of which our expansion goals can be achieved even faster.”

Keijo Pulkkinen, CEO Autori.

About Road Status Information

The Road Status Information service is a digital Software-as-a-Service that collects data from a variety of sources and processes this with Klimator’s advanced climate models to provide high-resolution road forecast forecasts. The data provided through “Road Status Information” make it possible for winter contractors to make critical decisions about when, where, and how measures for snow removal and de-icing are to be implemented. Within the winter road maintenance domain, there is a great focus on preventive measures, Road Status Information provides weighted forecasts with a very high degree of detail, which makes it easier for winter contractors to plan and streamline their work. In the long run, this means cost savings of up to 30 percent, a reduced climate footprint through reduced salting, and safer ways to travel.

About Klimator

Klimator is a Swedish provider of software company providing precise and reliable road weather information. Klimator originates from the Gothenburg University and Chalmers School of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden and was founded 2001. Products consists of Road Condition Data, Road Status Information and the sensor fusion software AHEAD. Klimator operates mainly in the European market.

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Keijo Pulkkinen, CEO Autori.