Autori’s social responsibility is to offer solutions that improve the efficiency of critical infrastructure maintenance, like maintenance of roads and streets or power grids. We help the end-customers to achieve best possible solutions for maintenance by offering innovative, digital solutions to the contractors, end customers and consultant. By using latest technologies, we improve information collections, information management and information sharing which lead to significantly improved situational awareness for all parties involved.

This equals efficiency and improved sustainability.

We strive to help road – and power grid owners by offering accurate situational overview of the assets in real time. We strive to improve the maintenance work by ensuring efficient information flow between the end customers and the contractors. We can reduce environmental impact by registering performed maintenance tasks, by collating and using information from different devices and by distributing this information efficiently in real time to all parties needing it.

Reducing environmental impact is everybody’s responsibility.

With our offering we strive to minimize the amount of required supervision routes as well as the amount of used material in road marking, – sanding and – salting. In our daily work we promote usage of public transportation and web meetings instead of private cars and airplanes whenever possible. We also try to minimize energy consumption in our offices, and we recycle devices and garbage according to recommendations.