Consultants use Autori when planning maintenance, pavement and road marking activities as well as when supervising that performed work is made efficiently and that it corresponds to the requirements of the end customer.

With the help of a versatile map tool consultants see a lot of useful additional information. They register route information, observations and comments easily with the functionalities that are optimized precisely for their needs.

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Autori Road Maintenance

Autori Road maintenance is designed for information gathering, work coordination and reporting of daily maintenance contracts.

The product provides tools for contractors ranging from route planning in the tender phase, to final reporting and data transfer to other information system. At contract start, the contractor has access to already made route planning and to all essential information about the contract directly in Autori. Optimized registration features and memos make it easy for the contractor to register performed work according to the contractual requirements.

By using Autori Maintenance the contractor manages the contracts more efficiently and gets an improved situational overview. The work teams can better be coordinated to right location at the right time. Field work becomes considerably more efficient when all necessary information about the object is easily accessible and when performed work is being registered and documented with optimized features directly on site. The real time system simplifies field work and work coordination. If required, the end client and the supervisor consultant can also have access to a limited view into the contractors Autori profile. Integration to the Finnish road administration’s “Harja” system and various data collection units (e.g. salt spreaders) simplify and make data collection and reporting even more efficient.

Autori Road Maintenance is being used by contractors, road administrations and consultants with different profiles dependent on the contract type, -requirements and work tasks. The information service is suitable for contracts on both governmental and municipal level.

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Autori Road Supervision

Autori Road supervision is used for quality supervision in daily maintenance contracts and for planning and inventorying pavement and road markings. Quick entry, memos and route registration are pre-defined and optimized according to the contractors work assignments and according to contractual quality requirements.

By using Autori Road Supervision the consultants can more efficiently follow up on quality requirements or make inventorying and action planning. All reportable information is smoothly composed to a map display. The system automatically collects information tied to each observation or plan – such as road address, maintenance class, gravel road class and green area maintenance class. Information about inspection- and transfer routes with drive times, kilometres and weather situation can also be part of the report. Images, 360-degree images even with continuous image capturing can be attached to registered observations in order to improve reporting.

Autori Road Supervision provides also summaries of driven kilometres for different maintenance classes, inspection times and amounts of observed shortcomings. The reports can be shared with the end client and/or the contractor for commenting. Additionally, the integration to “Harja” system ensures that the actual situation overview is being shared to all involved stakeholders.

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Autori Pavement

Autori Pavement is designed for pavement contractors and its used to manage contracts for roads and streets and for managing private orders. By using Autori Pavement the contractors manage contracts more efficiently as they obtain an improved situational overview of the different objects. With the versatile map tool work managers can coordinate their team more efficiently.

By using Autori Pavement the activity planning of patching needs is simplified with features developed specifically for such needs. The field work is more efficient when all essential information about the object is easily available. In the map view, contractors can select additional information to be visualized on the map. Such information can be e.g. contract borders, pavement types, -year and -methods as well as culverts and other drainage assets. Information from road weather systems and road cameras are being visualized on the map with the press of a button.

Better operational efficiency and situational overview is achieved when performed activities, used material, reports and diaries are being registered directly on site with optimized functionalities. Autori communication tool, Harja integration and real time information sharing makes work coordination, follow-up and reporting considerably more efficient, at the same time as the work itself becomes more pleasant.

In municipality patching contracts the end client can plan the patching objects including required activities. By changing the status from plan to order, the object appears on the contractor’s version of Autori. Afterwards the end client can follow in real time the progress of the ordered assignment.

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Autori Road Marking

Autori Road Marking is designed for work coordination, work follow up and improved information management in road marking contracts. It is widely used within road marking contracts for roads and streets due to its efficient contract management, automatic data collection and digital reporting.

Project planning, work distribution, registering work hours and reporting of road marking projects is considerably simplified with Autori Road Marking. The versatile map view and selectable additional information improves project management and situational awareness. Registration of pre-markings, managing line- and cross section markings, real time follow up of machines and integration to the Harja system as well as the already made interface to Tieto Oskari RMD control box are further examples on features that increase efficiency.

Condition inventories, deviation- and quality reports and machine controls with specifically designed quick entry and memos makes collection and registration of information considerably more efficient.

For municipality projects, the end client can plan marking activities in Autori and change the status from planned to order. The end client can then follow-up on the progress of the ordered assignments in real time.

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Autori Road Lighting

Autori Lighting is designed for the asset owners of road- and street lighting facilities, both on governmental and municipal level. Autori Road Lighting is also designed for the contractors maintaining these assets.

Autori Road Lighting enables more efficient asset management. Field inventorying of lighting assets and/or importing existing lighting registers to the system is easily done with Autori Road Lighting. Operation become more efficient when observations and detailed information about maintenance activities are linked to each lighting asset and as the information is always easily accessible directly on site.

Quality assurance is facilitated with optimized memos designed for ground resistance measurements and for inspections of electricity centrals and lighting poles. By using the route registration feature the performed maintenance rounds and its distances can also be registered in the service.

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Autori Road Authority

Autori Road Authority is widely used for action planning and for quality supervision of daily maintenance contracts, pavement – and road marking contracts. Quick entry, memos and route registration are optimized for the road keeper needs.

By using the versatile map tool and selectable additional information, contract borders, maintenance classes, pavement data, culverts and bridges are easily visualized to the user. Linking road weather stations and road camera information to the observations, and sharing information to the contractor, are examples of features that make the information flow and maintenance considerably more efficient.

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Autori Traffic Arrangements

Autori Traffic Arrangements is designed for contractors and end clients when planning, registering and reporting temporary traffic arrangements.

The arrangements can be planned in the web service, or pre-planned arrangements can be imported into the system. The actual arrangements are being documented on-site with specifically designed functionalities. Information about mounted traffic signs or other arrangements can be shared via a dynamic view. Historical data about traffic arrangements can be retrieved through the search functionality, which is useful when discussing and processing insurance cases.

The traffic sign diary is accessible as separate product or as integrated functionality in other products, such as Autori Pavement or Autori Road Lighting.

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Autori Traffic Measurements

Autori Traffic Measurements provides traffic counting solutions for measuring vehicles as well as bicycles and pedestrians. Autori doesn’t represent the vendors data collection units, and neither do we sell these. But via the system interfaces we manage data from the counting units. Autori Traffic Measurements imports and processes data from each unit, and forward the processed data further. Autori Traffic Measurements is used in the management of the Finnish road administration’s nationwide contract for general traffic measurements.

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Autori Electricity Maintenance

Autori Electricity Maintenance is designed to make work coordination in power grid maintenance more efficient. The solution consists of a web service for order management, work coordination, registration approval and invoicing, and it contains a mobile application for field work and reporting.

Necessary information related to the maintenance work is automatically being forwarded to the field technician. This makes the contractor’s work considerably more efficient. The ability to register work hours directly on-site and to forward the information according to TIEKE standard to the end client’s system, speed up the information flow at the same time as it facilitates both accounting and invoicing. Also the sub-contractors can see necessary information about their specific work assignments, and it can report performed work directly in the system.

Autori Electricity Maintenance provides additionally other features that increase efficiency. For example, managing prices as well as managing information about customers, sub-contractors and crew. Features such as work site meeting protocols, reports and various other documents are also available in Autori Electricity Maintenance.

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Digitalization consulting

Autori digitalization consulting help our customers by providing expertise within various research- and development projects, and by making operations more efficient and cost-effective. We also provide education, consultation and leasing of mobile devices to speed up and simplify our customers digitalisation process.

We have been part of various digitalization development projects. For instance, using 360-image capturing, automatic sharing of traffic arrangements at road work sites, aggregated data collection and using video capturing with drones for bridge inspections and for controlling water drainage.

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