Autori platform

The Autori platform is a modern, secure and versatile platform that runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud service. Autori is integrated with other IT-systems and IoT sensors to make infrastructure maintenance even more efficient.

Thanks to several system integrations and task specific functionalities our customers improve their operations and get a better, real time overview of the tasks they are doing within road and street -, or power grid maintenance.

We have developed industry – and task specific products together with our customers. We optimize the functionalities depending on customer role, task and contract form in order to ensure best efficiency and outcome for our customers. The functionalities can also be customized according to customer specific needs.

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Features of the Autori platform

The Web service offers all required functionalities to collate information, to manage contracts and user permissions, to plan the required activities, for real time follow-up and for reporting. All functionalities of the web service have been developed together with the end users to correspond to the requirements of the specific task at hand.

The Mobile application is a versatile tool for all field work. With the mobile application the field worker gets extensive information to the field as well as all required functionalities for work orders, task registrations and reporting. To do – and to receive work orders, and to register made tasks and observations are easier than ever before. Quick entries, memos and route recordings are optimized for each specific task. Some functionalities can be modified by the user itself and some can be customized by Autori for customer specific needs. Thanks to extensive information and versatile functionalities the work becomes untroubled, meaningful and more efficient.

The mobile application is designed to be easy to use and easy to administer. The user has always the latest version of the application and visualized information, such as road address and register information, are automatically updated.

  • Positioning based on road address and coordinates
  • Road address information
  • Map functionality with several map formats that can be displayed on top of each other
  • Large amount of visualized additional information
  • Connecting registrations to different reference networks (road address, Digiroad, NVDB…)
  • Weather station information and road camera images with historical information
  • Registering actions with route recordings, quick entry buttons and memos with attachments
  • Support for 360-degree images
  • Communication tool for commenting memos and for company internal communication
  • Role based handling of user permissions
  • Sharing information by e-mail through dynamic views
  • Displaying situational overview through public user interface
  • Integrated to external IT-systems, e.g. HARJA, Epicor and Digitraffic. (Customer specific integrations also to IFS and MS Dynamics)
  • Available REST API -interfaces for integrations
  • Integrated to external terminals and – systems, e.g. spreader information, road marking devices and traffic measurement devices

Road and street maintenance

For road and street maintenance Autori offers effective tools to authorities as well as to service providers, contractors and consultants. Task specific Autori products offer maintenance stakeholders the needed features for road and street maintenance- and condition management, action planning, work coordination, maintenance monitoring and performance reporting.

Autori is used for daily maintenance of roads and streets and for maintenance of pavement, – road marking and – street lighting. Road authorities and procurement consultants use Autori for planning and for performance supervision. Autori is also used for traffic measurements and in the processing and reporting of related results.

Electricity distribution maintenance

For electricity distribution maintenance Autori offer versatile tools to improve the cooperation between the electricity company and its contractors. The electricity company transmits network failure messages to the contractors’ Autori, and a work order is automatically transferred to the technician. In the mobile application the work is received and registered as executed and the information is once again distributed to the electricity company. In the service, information is composed about chargeable work, it’s distributed to the accountant and billing service and the compulsory workplace notifications are produced to the tax authorities.

The entire operation management process for the maintenance of the electricity distribution networks, is digitalized using Autori. Mobile application, web service and system integration enable smooth cooperation and effective work coordination and reporting.

Autori Vista image management services

Autori Vista is a versatile and comprehensive image data management service to streamline maintenance, improve quality control, and increase cost-effectiveness. Image-based information about the terrain brings significant time and resource savings. Image information produced by one person provides an up-to-date snapshot that is easily accessible to all parties.

Autori Vista’s extensive service package consists of various service components, which include a route planning and work control service, an image capturing, and an image publishing service, and a later Vista Viewer viewing service.

Digitalization consultation

Autori offers also its expertise, training and supportive consultancy to research and development projects. Our consultancy supports maintenance operators with everything from digitalizing their operation model to taking advantage of new technologies and devices.

We have participated in several digitalisation development projects including e.g. 360 degree photographing, automated information distribution of road work site traffic arrangements, developing the operating model of road authorities and crowd-sourcing information gathering of road condition.