Autori Vista image management services for comprehensive management of road, street and other infrastructure image data

Autori Vista is a versatile and comprehensive image data management service to streamline maintenance, improve quality control, and increase cost-effectiveness. Image-based information about the terrain brings significant time and resource savings. Image information produced by one person provides an up-to-date snapshot that is easily accessible to all parties.

With Autori Vista services, you can make planning of image capturing, task control, image capturing, and publication of materials such as roads, streets, railways, or other infrastructure routes and areas. You can also upload existing image material to Autori Vista and share your images with other services, such as Google Street View.

Autori Vista’s extensive service package consists of various service components, which include a route planning and work control service, an image capturing, and an image publishing service, and a later Vista Viewer viewing service. It is possible to take into use the service modules according to your needs, either as a whole, or the required modules at a time.

Autori Vista service is targeted for following customers and for their needs.

  • Cities and municipalities
  • Government level customers
  • Construction companies
  • Consultants
  • Image service providers

Autori Vista supports many different camera types such as 360 cameras, Dash cameras, action cameras and Drones.


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Autori Vista routeplanner and work management

The route planning and work management service consists of a route planning and work management service set for management and imaging field workers.

With Vista Route Planner, management defines the route plans in map view and shares the image capturing routes to field workers. The work supervision service provides real-time status information to the work management about the progress of the descriptions. Route planning and work management services can be used to manage individual destination or street descriptions for large-scale, even multi-country photography projects where the work of several photographers must be managed simultaneously. During real-time job monitoring, the necessary route changes and new assignments can be made flexibly. In addition to real-time monitoring, the reporting tools support post-analysis of the cost of the image capturing and the spent time to that.

The mobile app is a personal tool in field work. It allows the photographer to clearly see his or her own location and targets on the map. The map-based service helps the photographer navigate the terrain according to a plan. This improves the driver’s work and improves road safety.

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Autori Vista Publisher

Autori Vista Publishing allows you to upload your image material to the cloud and publish it to a variety of agreed-upon environments and image viewing services. Material that has previously captured by different devices can also be downloaded to our publishing service. The publishing service is suitable for storing, processing and adding metadata both new and existing image material. The publishing service is able to handle still and video formats as well as flat and 360 material.

Our publishing service automatically processes and adds metadata the image material. It is able to classify material according to metadata, as well as add information, for example by attaching road and street address information to the material.

The user can download their own material in the service as a zip package. Similarly, thanks to our long-standing Google Trusted Partner partnership, we also have the ability to publish large volumes of 360 images to Google Street View. In this way, in addition to maintenance professionals, all users of the Google Street View map service will benefit from the public imagery.

In addition, the publishing service may provide users with an image storage service. Our custom image storage service is located in a secure and fault-tolerant Microsoft Azure cloud environment.

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