Electricity distribution maintenance

For electricity distribution maintenance Autori offer versatile tools to improve the cooperation between the electricity company and its contractors. The electricity company transmits network failure messages to the contractors’ Autori, and a work order is automatically transferred to the technician. In the mobile application the work is received and registered as executed and the information is once again distributed to the electricity company. In the service, information is composed about chargeable work, it’s distributed to the accountant and billing service and the compulsory workplace notifications are produced to the tax authorities.


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Autori Electricity Maintenance

Autori Electricity Maintenance is designed to make work coordination in power grid maintenance more efficient. The solution consists of a web service for order management, work coordination, registration approval and invoicing, and it contains a mobile application for field work and reporting.

Necessary information related to the maintenance work is automatically being forwarded to the field technician. This makes the contractor’s work considerably more efficient. The ability to register work hours directly on-site and to forward the information according to TIEKE standard to the end client’s system, speed up the information flow at the same time as it facilitates both accounting and invoicing. Also the sub-contractors can see necessary information about their specific work assignments, and it can report performed work directly in the system.

Autori Electricity Maintenance provides additionally other features that increase efficiency. For example, managing prices as well as managing information about customers, sub-contractors and crew. Features such as work site meeting protocols, reports and various other documents are also available in Autori Electricity Maintenance.

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