Autori system

Unnecessary work is performed in the infrastructure maintenance, because the situation view is insufficient and the information distribution isn’t working. The Autori system automates the information distribution and offers the situation view on a real-time basis. The system consists of a mobile application and a web service. In addition, it is possible to connect external data collection devices and, by system integration, automate data transfer to other systems.

Autori is implemented on top of a modern cloud service platform Microsoft Azure. Azure provides an effective, secure and stable environment for information services.

Autori’s adapted information services offer tailor-made tools for professionals within road and street maintenance, as well as electricity distribution maintenance. Additionally, we offer digitalisation consultancy for our partners to enhance utility.

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Road and street maintenance

Information service

For road and street maintenance Autori offers effective tools for authorities as well as service providers, contractors and consultants. Field specific Autori information services offer maintenance stakeholders the needed features for road and street maintenance- and condition management, action planning, work coordination, maintenance monitoring and performance reporting.

Autori is used for road and street operation, and maintenance for pavement, road markings and street lighting. Road authorities and procurement consultants use Autori for action planning and performance monitoring. Autori is also used for traffic measurements work coordination and in the processing and reporting of results.

Electricity distribution maintenance

Information service

For electricity distribution maintenance Autori information service offer versatile tools for the cooperation between the electricity company and its contractors. The electricity company transmits network failure messages to the contractors’ Autori, and a work order is automatically transferred to the technician. In the mobile application the work is receipted as executed and the information is once again distributed to the electricity company. In the service, information is composed about chargeable work, distributed to the accountant and billing service and the tax authority’s necessary workplace notifications are produced.

For the maintenance of the electricity distribution networks, the entire operation management process is digitalized using Autori information service. Mobile application, web service and system integration enables a smooth cooperation and effective work coordination and reporting.

Digitalisation consulting

In addition to information services, Autori offers expertise, training and supportive consultancy to research and development projects. Our consultancy supports the maintenance operators with the digitalisation of their operation model, enabling them to achieve the benefits of new technologies and devices.

We have participated in digitalisation related development projects. These include for example 360 degree photographing, automation of road work site traffic control information distribution, developing operating model within the same field and crowd-sourcing condition management information gathering.